School Assemblies

What is a USTA School Tennis Assembly? It is a 30-40 minute "tennis show" that involves students and teachers. We introduce tennis to students and promote your school's physical education class tennis unit or the after school tennis programs in Savannah.


Who Does the Assemblies? The United States Tennis Association sponsors the assemblies with the participation of the Georgia Tennis Association and the Savannah Area Tennis Association.


Are these Assemblies New? Every year Savannah Area Tennis Association invites 4 to 6 schools to participate in the assemblies.


Who can participate? K-5 or ages 8 -13. We can do the assemblies in a gym, a cafeteria, or any place where you have the space for portable nets and a few racquets.


What is the cost? The only requirement is that your school pay $25 to join USTA and by doing so, your library will receive a year's subscription to "Tennis Magazine". In addition, we will distribute flyers to advertise follow up tennis programs.


How do I schedule my school for an assembly? Contact Savannah Area Tennis Association at 912-507-9862 or e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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