Rain-out Rule

Clarification of Rain-Out Substitution Rules:

Here is the exact language from the Southern Rules involving rain substitutions:

In the event that rain or inclement weather forces the cancellation and re-scheduling of a team match, unrestricted substitutions from the team roster may be made in any individual matches that have not begun. This includes moving a player from one position to another. Points awarded for forfeits during the original written lineup exchange will stand. All players involved in such forfeits cannot participate in the re-scheduled match. Forfeits offered verbally prior to the original written lineup exchange are nullified when the match is rescheduled due to rain or inclement weather.

A further explanation from Southern states that: “The purpose of this regulation regarding rain is to prevent forfeits when matches are rescheduled as teams may have totally different players available on the day the match is rescheduled. Whether or not new lineups are exchanged, substitutions may be made in any individual match that has not begun. In many occasions regarding rescheduling due to rain, captains exchange verbal lineups where further substitutions are made up to the start of an individual match.”

If we apply the above language to specific situations it is clear that:

• Any individual match that is begun, no substitutions can be made if rain occurs. Any slots that have not yet hit a ball, however, are not locked in and unrestricted substitutions may be made – including moving a player from one position to another.

• Any forfeit made in writing and exchanged before rain occurs stands as a forfeit and if players’ names are involved then those players cannot play in the rescheduled match.

• Any verbal forfeit made either the night before or the morning of but before a written exchange will not stand and that slot will be made up in the rescheduled matches.

• Any subsequent verbal exchanges are made just to facilitate the scheduling of matches but are not binding on the captains and further substitutions may be made.


For further details, go to Resources, SATA League Regulations, IV Match Play, E. Adverse Weather or Playing Conditions.