Tri-Level league provides a way to maintain competition while combining friends and club members of various computer ratings on the same team. Tri-Level is the perfect social format for a fun league.

Teams will play three doubles slots per match. Each slot will be of a different level. For example, in a 4.0-down league, the first slot will consist of 4.0 players, the second slot 3.5 players and the third slot 3.0 players. So while the play is primarily between players of equal level, the team will consist of players of all three levels. This provides a unique chance to socialize with friends and club members who cannot be teammates in other leagues. It is a particularly good format for a smaller club that might find it difficult to field teams all at the same rating.

You may play up in the slots (i.e., if your 4.0 player can’t play a particular match, then you can put in a 3.5 player), but you cannot play down. This league utilizes USTA ratings for placement, but the matches played would not affect ratings.

Teams are responsible for checking with their facilities to secure court availability with bathroom facilities. Teams play a 10-point tiebreak in lieu of the third set.

The most interest is typically in a 4.0-down league (4.0, 3.5 and 3.0). If you are a 4.5 player and are interested in forming a 4.5-down level, please contact us.

SATA offers three seasons of Tri-Level play:

SATA offers three seasons of Women’s Tri-Level:

•  Fall: 40 & Over plays on Friday mornings
•  Spring: 55 & Over plays on Wednesday mornings – Contact Leslie if interested
•  Summer: 18 & Over plays on Thursday mornings


Leslie Shields

Adult Tri-Level League Calendar (2023-2024)
Dates are approximate and subject to change

Women 18+ Tri-Level

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Women 40+ Tri-Level

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Women 55+ Tri-Level

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All dates are approximate and subject to change. Please contact your individual coordinator for registration deadlines.